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Benjamin Paul de Caiman

A 16 y.o. kid who produces music, takes photographs and dances for his King.
1 Timothy 4:12.
12th Son Of Jacob


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An electro mix of a few tracks from Monstercat’s album “Expedition”


This is probably one of my good tracks that I’ve made in awhile. I dunno, I like this one. Just give it a listen, you might end up dancing or something!

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Cover art was made by Shauna Lim.

Sunsets of 2014… So faaar….

A Sunday evening mix! Enjoooy!!


David Crowder - After All (Holy) [Capital Kings Remix]

David Crowder - Shadows (Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix)

Family Force 5 - Superhero (Nico Stadi Remix)

Matthew Parker & AT4G - Take Me Back - Original Mix

Hillsong United - Oceans (Influential Remix)

Levi Whalen  - Find You (feat. Wonder) [Reakt!on Remix]

Well here is the first song of the new year. I hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas and New Year! Lets kick off this year with this song and many more to come!

If you enjoyed it, give it a like/comment/share! If you want more, just hit the follow button ‘cause there will be more in the coming weeks.

Cover art by Shauna Lim

Here it is! Just finished uploading my ‘Meet Your Maker’ Mix!

DJin’ and gloving with the brother.

This is my remix submission to Paul Baloche’s contest for Hark The Herald Angels Sing/King of Heaven. Check it out!

Its been awhile since I uploaded a song so here is a new one before I get busy again with remix contests and working on new songs for you guys. Also, I’d like to thank you guys for helping me reach 500 followers!

In the next few months I plan to work on an album so get ready for that and also expect some more remixes and artwork!

My remix of Bigger Picture by Matthew Parker

My remix of Can You See Me by Matthew Parker

Let the light shine in you and let Him be glorified #Jesus

Photos of some flowers in the Rose Garden.

Portland, Oregon.

Some pictures I took at Portland, Oregon. Beautiful place!

A sunny summer evening at Rocky Point, Port Moody.